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Mt Kurama

1st March 2022

Mt Kurama is often thought about as the "Birthplace of Reiki' because it was here 100 years ago, that Mikao Usui sensei had chosen to come to die... seeking enlightenment; Anjin Ryumei. Seems a contradiction at first... yet some things have to be let go, before a new way of being can evolve. 

Autumn leaves

1st December 2021

Autumn really is a most wonderful time of the year in the northern hemisphere and in Japan, it has a language and symbolism related to the Maple leaves with their spectacular colour show. And it's a season that helps see the value in letting go...

How is Reiki a holistic therapy & what can it do for you?

20th October 2021

Reiki works with the whole of you and according to the founder Mikao Usui, that's our heart, mind and body... but what do you have to do to be able to tap into this miraculous healing energy and how can it help achieve a sense of wellbeing?  

Everything we Say and Do and Think

19th July 2016

Over the years as a Nurse and Therapist, I’ve noticed peoples mind and bodies become a reflection of their thought patterns and habits… Even those little habits or patterns of behaviour, that some of us don’t even realise we do… Positive or negative, everything we say, do and think becomes our way of living each day, our daily lifestyle. Over time they effect our whole way of being… our mind, body and soul.

Gassho Meditation

10th March 2015

Gassho meditation is part of the “secret method of inviting happiness” that was developed by Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki. It is a lovely part of my daily life as a Jikiden Reiki practitioner. Gassho is a Japanese word that translates as “2 hands coming together” with our palms and fingertips meeting.