About Achievable WellBeing


What if I told you there is a Secret Method Of Inviting Happiness, would you be interested? 

A method for Everyone to Feel Well, Live Well and Be Well in mind and body, to find Achievable Wellbeing... 

We've known about this profound system of holistic hand healing for about 100 years, so maybe its not That Secret! Our natural ability to connect to the Universal energy that is all around us, has become dulled or in some cases completely blocked by our busy stressful lives... but this dormant ability is within us all and that's what the founder meant by secret; it is inside of us... 

Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is both the name of the spiritual energy and the healing method, that was founded by Mikao Usui following his enlightenment on Mt Kurama, Japan.

Originally he called his system:

心身改善臼井靈氣療法 = Shin Shin Kaizen Usui Reiki Ryoho
“Usui Reiki Treatment Method for Improvement of Body and Mind”.


Practitioners of this original Japanese method of Reiki are all over the world, thanks to Jikiden Reiki (pronounced Ji-Key-Den Ray-Key)  


“Jikiden” = “directly taught” in Japanese.


Or to put it another way Jikiden = "directly passed down" with nothing added or left out... from its travels around the world. Traditional Japanese Reiki as founded by Mikao Usui, in its original form, with its cultural and spiritual roots intact.  At its most basic, this is a hand healing art that everyone can experience from a Reiki practitioner and yet, it can also be a lifelong spiritual path with daily practice... when we follow the Gokai, the 5 ways to live well, that were very much part of the original method created by the founder. 


Is Achievable WellBeing possible for Everyone?

Yes, it takes a bit of effort and how much effort is entirely up to you... It's the little things we Do Often that make the Biggest Difference to our lives. 

Do you want to experience a Reiki healing treatment to see how it makes you feel?

Receiving a Jikiden Reiki treatment is simple, deeply relaxing and effortless... something for everyone can savour and return to

Do you want to learn how to do Reiki for yourself and maybe your family too? 

Everyone can learn traditional Jikiden Reiki, the method is so simple anyone can learn how to do this... no special skills required 

Accredited Jikiden Reiki Training Courses –  At Shoden, 1st level and Okuden, 2nd level.

Our Jikiden Reiki Training is focused on you gaining effective, practical skills to use this hand healing art with confidence, on yourself and others... if you wish. First and foremost these courses are about you and your health... being able to heal others is simply a happy by product. Where the hands go Reiki will flow... following Reiju, the method created by Mikao Usui to activate our innate healing abilities. Aah yes, that's part of the secret bit... 

Jikiden Reiki Healing Sessions –  Healing with Jikiden Reiki is safe, simple and clinically proven to be effective.
Lying or sitting, the healing energy of Reiki will flow to you from the Reiki practitioners hands… hands that are placed gently on or just above your clothed body... you only have to take your shoes and coat off when you get on the therapy couch. Reiki is a completely non-invasive holistic therapy, that can be enjoyed by people of all ages... with parental consent for those under 16 and you are welcome to sit in on the session, or relax in the room next door.
A Jikiden Reiki session helps you take a step back, creating a calm breathing space... activating the natural healing systems in mind & body
The Achievable WellBeing Studio in Luxulyan, just a few miles from the world famous Eden Project…  and we are really easy to find. 
Debbie-Ann Champion, a fully qualified Jikiden Reiki Shihan/Teacher & Practitioner, who has trained regularly and over several years with Sensei Tadao Yamaguchi; both in the UK and Japan. An Insured Holistic Therapist registered with the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) which is regulated by the Professional Standards Authority.  Debbie-Ann retired from working as a nurse after nearly 30 years, she was an A&E Sister for many years, so has a good understanding of health and wellbeing, from several perspectives... These days Jikiden Reiki is her chosen speciality and preferred method for helping people achieve wellbeing in mind, body and spirit... There are no adverse side effects.