I was first introduced to Debbie-Ann at a FHT (Federation of Holistic Therapists) meeting where she gave an inspirational and interesting talk on the history of Jikiden Reiki and her visit to Mt. Kurama in Japan. This is most probably why I put her business card in my purse and carried it around with me for two years until our next meeting.

In the meantime I was training in post graduate courses to enhance my own work as a holistic therapist. As I got busier with my clientele and work load, my own health was taking a beating. Aches and pains raising their ugly head after a long day at work and feeling mentally drained.

I love my work and really enjoy helping others. But I recognised I’d be no good to anyone if I continued the way I was. Then something Debbie-Ann had said popped into mind while searching for the answers

“when you give Reiki you receive Reiki, its like self treating all day long”.

This was my answer, although not quite sure how it would work it was worth a try. At the back of my mind, thinking if it doesn’t help then at least I’ll have a couple of nice days out in Cornwall.

In April 2016 I took Shoden then four months later, Okuden level. These courses have been life changing!

Instantly I felt energised. A few months later I noticed how much healthier I looked and felt. I am much happier and calmer as a person. All of my Holistic Therapy treatments have been enhanced. I no longer need worry about my own energy levels failing while working.

Everything about becoming Jikiden Reiki attuned / receiving Reiju has been positive and a must for everyone, even if its just for the self healing alone. I truly can not recommend you and Jikiden Reiki enough.

Thank you so much Debbie-Ann for your teachings and continued support in the Jikiden Reiki shares you hold monthly.

Julie O'Neill, Holistic Therapist

I love Reiki – it works!

I began my Jikiden Reiki training  with Debbie-Ann Champion in December 2013 and became an excited and grateful practitioner in January 2014.  In the past few months I have practised on my family and friends to gain confidence when working with others and to remember to trust the Reiki energy every time – it is the Universal Life Force Energy that does all the work – not me!

In June this year something  happened that taught me all those lessons in one amazing incident: One sunny afternoon in June at our local beach, my granddaughter was happily playing in the sea, when suddenly she ran out of the water crying and holding a bleeding finger.  A fish hook had been tangled in some seaweed and had speared her finger.  I quickly held her finger in the palm of my hand and closed my fingers around it and held it for about 5 minutes.  When I opened my hand I asked her if the pain had gone but she didn’t answer, she was too busy looking for the damage that the fish hook had made.  Her face was a picture!  She shouted “Gran, it’s gone!  It’s gone there’s nothing there!”  And sure enough the wound was no more – completely healed.

Now that’s Reiki and I love it!

Veronica Hearn, Primary School Teacher

Studying with Debbie-Ann Was a joy.

Incredibly generous, knowledgeable and with a medical background Debbie-Ann also creates an environment where you feel you can ask any question without fear of judgement.  Previous Reiki studies left me wanting more – and less.  More depth and focus on treating specific issues.  Less pomp and unnecessary complication.

Jikiden Reiki is everything I hoped it could be and so very much more.

Kate Fox

The knowledge that we all have the power to heal, without the need for medication.  Not only can we heal others but we can heal ourselves.

The “Gokai” was a challenge at first, but enjoy the peace and relaxation to mind and body, and with practise it is easier to remember in Japanese.

I have had a lot of pain in my right foot this week which has made walking difficult.  I have treated it with Reiki … it is far less painful and has saved me a visit to the doctor and the need for more analgesia.

Jocelyn Bunt , Retired Nursing Sister

Over the past 3 years I have had the pleasure of working alongside Debbie-Ann.  She has given such a fun and interactive approach to enjoying positive touch through Massage, Reflexology and Reiki, together we have integrated this into education.

Debbie-Ann is such a joy and inspiration not just for all our learners… who eagerly anticipate her presence from hearing her voice… Seeing a symbol or feeling an object of reference… But for myself and staff team for sharing and passing on her wealth of knowledge and understanding of the power of touch.

Holistic Therapy and Education in schools can interconnect and have an overwhelming positive effect on both learner and staff.

Its a journey I still am learning from and enjoy it even more with Debbie-Ann who volunteers her time.

Nicola Rowland , Early Years Lead and Teacher DOUBLETREES SCHOOL

Being given the self belief to help myself and others, I have had the privilege of learning Jikiden Reiki under an enthusiastic, dedicated and very knowledgeable teacher.

Christine Bone

Jikiden Reiki has taught me how to relax, breath and has brought lightness to my step.

The first time I spent an hour with Debbie-Ann I walked into the room in pain both emotionally and physically, it was like a damn that had been released.  I cried a lot as the tension was released, but afterwards felt on a natural high.

Debbie-Ann has taught me how to achieve this myself… I learnt Jikiden Reiki with her in 2012.

Susan Nichols