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The Greek word holos is the route of the words holism and holistic, meaning whole or multi-dimensional.  This concept of holism can be traced back to many of the ancient civilisations of our world, including Japan. 

The ancients knew that mental unrest leads to physical unrest or diss-ease, meaning a body without ease. They also knew that physical disease can lead to mental unrest, or mental illness. Good health is not merely the absence of disease or its symptoms, but a sense of wellbeing that requires the active participation of an individual.

The founder of Reiki, Mikao Usui clearly understood this when he created the Gokai = the 5 principles of Reiki as they are often referred to. But we will stick with the original name... In fact chanting the Gokai is an integral part of helping Reiki practitioners to create and keep a positive, happy mind and a healthy body.  When I chant these words out loud in Japanese, my mind becomes calm and peaceful... clear, open and ready for the day ahead.  That is why we are told to do this morning and evening, to start and end each day reminding ourselves to not be angry or worry and to be grateful and to be kind to others.  All the things that help us invite happiness into our lives... 


A Positive, Happy Mind & Healthy Body = WellBeing Achieved


It's the little things we do often that make the biggest differences in our lives, even the patterns of behaviour that we may not realise we do... Everything we do contributes to the mental, physical and spiritual state of our whole being.

Sometimes we are so busy... "rushing"... "doing" ... "getting" to places and things in life, that we often don't realise Just what we are putting ourselves through!!  Stopped noticing that is, until something hurts, stops working, or we have become rundown and unwell... 

When we look at the original name the founder gave his healing system: "Usui Reiki treatment method for improvement of mind and body" we can see the holistic nature is clearly there. Though some things have been lost in translation... the first Shin = heart/mind a concept that was easily understood back in 1920's Japan, when we act when heart and mind are one there is harmony in our soul and our mind is at peace. The other important Japanese word is Kaizen = continual improvement, because the more we Reiki practitioners follow the Usui Reiki method the healthier we will become and the healthier we will stay.

The great thing is you don't have to learn Reiki to be able to tap into this wonderful healing energy, you can receive Reiki healing from a Reiki practitioner when they place their hands on your body, Reiki will flow to you... Yes, it really is that simple... Each Reiki session stimulates the natural, innate healing response of your body, melting away the stress and tension, that underlies so many physical diseases within our body and mind. 

Perhaps the greatest gift Usui gave us was Reiju... Giving us all a glimpse of the peaceful state his mind when he achieved enlightenment on Mt Kurama and the ability to transmit Reiki to others.  A technique you too can experience if you want to come on a Jikiden Reiki course, yes everyone can learn how to do Reiki if they wish.

Shoden and Okuden levels will give you all the skills you need for a Healthy Mind & Body and Inviting Happiness... for your Achievable WellBeing.


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