Accredited Jikiden Reiki Training Courses For Everyone!

Jikiden Reiki training courses are for everyone interested in supporting their health and wellbeing in a simple, natural and positive way with this hand healing method, that today we simply call Reiki. Once you have received Reiju you will be able to feel the flow of Reiki in your hands... and where the hands go Reiki will flow... YES, it really is that simple!
Jikiden Reiki training is focused on you gaining effective, practical skills to use this truly holistic, hand healing art with confidence. This is Reiki in its original Japanese form, pure and simple with a clear framework on how to use Reiki to enhance the body's natural healing systems. Giving you life-long Reiki skills you will be able to use from day one, to support your own health and that of others… Skills that can positively transform your life!
You do not have to have any special skills to become a Reiki practitioner and learning Jikiden Reiki is refreshingly simple and so down to earth. These Authentic Japanese hand healing techniques are easy to do and remember. Jikiden = Directly Taught... in Japanese. 
Shoden and Okuden levels will give you all the skills you need for a Healthy Mind & Body and Inviting Happiness… For Your Achievable WellBeing

What is involved?

It is Receiving Reiju, that opens and activates the dormant abilities of a person, then they are able to radiate and transmit Reiki. 
The method we use, is exactly as it was developed by Mikao Usui Sensei, the founder of Reiki.
Reiju is a short ceremony that is performed person to person… that is by a Shihan/Teacher to a Student.  Following Reiju all you have to do, is simply place your hands on the body and Reiki will flow… So you can treat yourself and other people, family and friends...
Our Accredited Jikiden Reiki training courses are delivered by Debbie-Ann Champion a certified Shihan/Teacher with the Jikiden Reiki Institute, in Kyoto, Japan.
They faithfully follow the teachings passed down from the founder, Usui Sensei… To Hayashi Sensei and on to the Yamaguchi family. 
The syllabus for each course, your official Training Manual (in English) and Certificates (both Japanese and English) all come from the Jikiden Reiki Institute... Where you will be registered following your course. Jikiden Reiki Courses are recognised by the Reiki Council here in the UK.


Jikiden Reiki Training Course levels

We offer training in Shoden and Okuden levels for groups of  2 – 4 people at the Achievable WellBeing Studio in Cornwall.
  • Suitable for Everyone from complete beginners, to experienced Reiki practitioners
  • Training in small groups allows plenty of time for discussion
  • Each course is a mixture of theory and “hands-on” practice with fellow students
  • Training manual issued by the Jikiden Reiki Institute in Japan 
As in the time of Usui Sensei and Hayashi Sensei, when they travelled around Japan teaching Reiki in the 1920’s and 30’s… You could take Okuden level straight after taking Shoden level. which is still the same nowadays, where you can do both levels in the same month, if you wish or progress to Okuden level when you feel ready. Debbie-Ann tends to offer training over weekends, as that's when most people can attend, but if you have particular dates in mind please get in touch and we will see what we can arrange.  
For those Reiki practitioners wishing to practice at a professional level you will need to have completed both levels, Shoden and Okuden, before you can get professional practitioner insurance. 
Ongoing support is offered following your training via email and telephone calls.  Jikiden Reiki Share Meetings are open to everyone who has completed Shoden level… they are held monthly here at the Achievable WellBeing Studio.  Giving and receiving Reiki, sharing experiences with like-minded people, is a lovely way to grow and deepen your understanding of this wonderful healing art.  Receiving further Reiju is something that has also taken place since the time of the founder, Usui Sensei.

Shoden - level 1

This is where everyone begins their Jikiden Reiki journey, from complete beginners and for those who may have learnt other styles of Reiki before… 

Over 2 days you will be learning how hands-on Reiki enhances the body's natural healing systems and how the techniques of Jikiden Reiki are extremely effective at supporting and treating many long standing health concerns, as well as those minor first aid situations. 

More about Shoden

Okuden - level 2

On this 1 day course you will be learning techniques for directly healing the mind; the psychological healing method = SeiHeki Chiryo and how to send Reiki to a person, anywhere in the world… Enkaku or distant Reiki. 

Okuden translates as "deeper" level, giving you a deeper understanding of the truly holistic approach of the original Reiki system that was developed by the founder.


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