It’s the little things we do often that makes the biggest difference in our lives!

Over the years as a Nurse and Therapist, I’ve noticed peoples mind and bodies become a reflection of their thought patterns and habits… Even those little habits or patterns of behaviour, that some of us don’t even realise we do… Positive or negative, everything we say, do and think becomes our way of living each day, our daily lifestyle. Over time they effect our whole way of being… our mind, body and soul.

The ancients civilisations knew that mental unrest leads to physical unrest or diss-ease, and that physical disease can lead to mental unrest. Good health is not merely the absence of disease or its symptoms, but a sense of wellbeing that requires the active participation of the individual.

This was also something Mikao Usui Sensei noticed when people first started to come and see him for Reiki treatments. Reiki healed people with all sorts of physical and psychological diseases… Yet some people would come back, with the same health issue or something similar. Usui Sensei realised he needed to help people change the way they think!

It was their own thought patterns and habits that were causing people to be diseased…

So Usui Sensei created the Gokai; the five principle for health and happiness… Here they are, translated into English…

Just for today… Do not be angry, Do not worry, Be grateful, Do your duties fully, Be kind to others.

Being a Jikiden Reiki practitioner I know saying the Gokai in Japanese, at the beginning and end of each day, whilst doing Gassho meditation, makes a positive difference to my health and wellbeing whilst calming my over thinking active mind… And as I sit, Reiki radiates through my whole being triggering the relaxation response; restoring peace and harmony from with.

But why say the Gokai out loud in Japanese?

The sounds that the words make when spoken out loud resonate throughout our whole being! In Japan there is a belief that some words have good healing energy; Kototama. Usui Sensei chose the words in the Gokai with great care, so that they would have extremely positive Kototama.

Contemplating these words in English, in my heart and mind… Simply reminds me to let go of destructive behaviours; anger and worry… To focus on positive ways of living with gratitude; as even those obstacles offer me an opportunity to change, each day… Perhaps the simplest of all to remember, is to be kind to others. Spiritual growth can be measured by how well one incorporates these simple words, into ones daily life. As Jikiden Reiki practitioners we are encouraged to LIVE the Gokai… not just say them!

True inner peace and happiness comes, when what we think, say and do are in harmony.

Many people tell me they experience this calm and tranquil mind during a Jikiden Reiki TreatmentBut if you would also like the chance to learn these positive daily techniques and make a big difference to your life, then why not join a one of our Jikiden Reiki Shoden Level courses here in Cornwall?