Enkaku Reiki - Distant healing 

Distant healing can also be sent to a person, anywhere in the world. Usui Sensei called this method Enkaku Reiki.

Enkaku or distant Reiki, was traditionally used in Japan with physical issues, ailments and injuries. It can also be particularly helpful during anxious and stressful times…

Though the founder always said, treating hands-on and in person was better... as you benefit from the healing power of touch. Enkaku Reiki is a great way to support the healing process from a distance. It has been a real blessing during this coronavirus pandemic, particularly when people have had to stay at home during the lockdowns or they are self-isolating. (If you would like to learn how to do this, it is taught on the Okuden level 2 course.)

During the treatment, at a mutually agreed time, the receiver will be asked to sit or lie down and relax. Reiki is sent to the areas most in need or where requested, so the receivers body can use the energy to assist the natural healing process. 


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