Would You Like…

  • Relief from Stress & Tension
  • To sleep deeper, wake refreshed
  • Relief from those Aches & Pains
  • To have more Energy & Vitality
  • To Quit those Addictions
  • A Life you Love & Enjoy


All of these things are Possible at Achievable WellBeing.

Sometimes we are so busy “rushing” “doing” “getting” to places and things in life, we often don’t realise just what we are putting ourselves through!!  Stopped noticing that is, until something hurts, stops working, or we have become rundown and unwell…

All of these Holistic Therapies will help you Achieve WellBeing, because they work with the whole of you… Not just the symptoms or the disease.

It’s just a matter of personal choice as to which therapy or combination of therapies you choose.  Being a Jikiden Reiki practitioner, where my hands go, Reiki will flow… during a massage or a reflexology session you will also benefit from Reiki; at no extra cost.  Should you simply want to experience Reiki, that is possible too…

Each therapy session helps you take a step back, creating a calm breathing space…

Where Tension and Stress are Released from Mind and Body

Where your Inner Healing potential is Stimulated

Where the Soul is Nourished

Discover Simple Positive steps for Achievable WellBeing Today