I hadn’t ever had reflexology before my session with Debbie-Ann, but I had been suffering with severe migraines and thought reflexology might help. It was through this that I discovered that parts of my body were not as healthy as I had thought and Debbie-Ann worked particularly on those areas. She also gave me additional advice in terms of pressure points and exercises I could do to prevent migraines and I have not had any headaches since. I would highly recommend Debbie Ann as an experienced and knowledgeable practitioner to anyone.

Melia Burdon

I went to see Debbieann during  an extremely emotional time in my life and I was rather at a loss as to how to deal with it all. My session [Aromatherapy Massage & Reiki] with her provided me with the most enormous sense of calm and comfort and enabled me to escape from it all from it all for a while and I am so grateful for that! I think she truly alleviated some of the hurt and gave me a much calmer sense of perspective over my situation.

Claire Godden

I really enjoyed my session with you and felt really relaxed, well and calm when I woke up on Tuesday morning – i have been trying to focus on me a bit more!!  looking after my feet – regular moisturizing and manipulation of the spot on my feet to the side of my big toe nail – sometimes i hit it sometime I don’t seem to be in quite the right spot. Thank you for all you help and suggestions I thoroughly enjoyed meeting such a warm and generous person thank you Debbie-ann – we have booked a week next September so hopefully we’ll meet again. Many thanks.

Julie Hallam

I thoroughly enjoy my sessions [Reiki & Aromatherapy Massage]  as I find it very relaxing and restful. Debbie-Ann always seems to be able to pinpoint all the areas of my body which may have aches & pains and I find her treatment a great stress reliever. I always look forward to every Thursday!

Ruth Pellymounter

The time spent with Debbie-Anne gives me time to focus on myself for a while. It helps me to become aware of my physical and mental barriers; and overcome them with the help of the Reiki through Debbie-Anne. The total relaxation is like a breath of fresh air.

Maxine Phillips

I have been to see Debbie-Ann quite a few times as I get tension in my shoulders and she has used massage and Reiki on me. Debbie-Ann’s hands are very warm when she massages and when she uses Reiki I can feel a real glow on the afflicted area. I always feel relaxed, soothed and refreshed afterwards.

Julie Williams

I went to Debbie-Ann to help with on going back problems and a enquiry about head aches, through Reiki I was completely relaxed and very calm. I could feel heat travel around my body even twinges at times. After the sessions I did feel more flexible and some ease on the current problems. Overall it was a very enjoyable feeling.

Lisa Kelly