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Jikiden  Reiki  Seminars

 Reiki, the Japanese art of healing with the hands…

 It is a safe, simple yet profound system of holistic healing that

 Anyone can Experience and Learn if they wishfor Achievable WellBeing.

Reiki awakens the natural healing ability of a person who receives it. You only need to place your hands on the body and it will flow … so that you can treat yourself… other people … animals.

Following Reiju (attunement), YOU will be able to do this.

Plus you will learn how Jikiden Reiki can be used for first aid & more serious health problems…

How and where to place your hands during treatments… the concept of Byosen

Why we chant the Gokai in Japanese…

 Come and Learn Jikiden Reiki

2 day Shoden course with Debbie-Ann Champion

1 day Okuden course with Amanda Jayne

February 15th, 16th & 17th 2012

The Royal British Legion – 16 Duke Street, St Austell PL25 5PQ

This seminar consists of the first two levels of Jikiden Reiki. Shoden the first level and Okuden, the second. You may take just the first level over 2 days, and Okuden at a later stage or you can book now and take both together as a three day course. I can personally recommend doing both together, so that you can fully understand the “Usui Reiki treatment method for improvement of body & mind”

We are very lucky that Amanda Jayne will be with us for the three days. She now travels the world teaching Jikiden Reiki, and she will be supporting me teach the Shoden level. Amanda will teach the Okuden level on day three. She is only in Cornwall for a short stay this time…don’t miss this chance!

The Shoden level – Is first and foremost about practical hands on Reiki. You will learn:-

  • How Jikiden Reiki can be used for first aid & more serious longstanding health problems.
  • The concept of Byosen, so you will know where to place your hands during treatments.
  • The first Shirushi (Symbol), when and how to use it.
  • Why we chant the Gokai in Japanese… and practice Hatsurei-Ho.

You receive Reiju THREE times over the 2 days from us both. You will also discover the history and background of Jikiden Reiki. There will be time to experience giving and receiving Reiki.

Okuden Level – Is about healing the mind and sending Reiki to people. You will learn :-

  • How to use Seiheki Chiryo (treatment) – to help with psychological issues – anxiety, depression, the effects of trauma and break addictive habits such as smoking… You will learn the second Shrushi and the Seiheki Kotodama.
  • How to send Reiki Enkakku Chiryo – distant healing. You will learn the Enkakku Jumon.

You will receive Reiju TWICE from us both. As well as experience and practice giving these treatments. NB You have to complete Shoden level in Jikiden Reiki before taking the Okuden level.


February 2012 Jikiden Reiki Seminars Times Pay £50 Deposit to Secure Your Place Full Cost
15th Shoden Part 1 10am – 4.30pm  This course is now fully booked
The full cost of the Shoden course is £195. £50 is needed as a deposit to secure your place with the remaining £145 payable on the day
16th Shoden Parts 2 and 3 10am – 7pm
17th Okuden* Parts 1 and 2 10am – 6.30pm  This course is now fully booked  The full cost of the Okuden course is £230. £50 is needed as a deposit to secure your place with the remaining £180 payable on the day.

Textbooks are issued by the Jikiden Reiki Institute;

There is space for you to add notes … please bring a pen/pencil.

Tea & coffee will be provided.

Lunch can be bought in town or you can bring a packed lunch if you prefer.

BOOK NOW to Secure YOUR place on this seminar

You will receive a beautiful Japanese hand-written certificate and an English certificate on completion of each of these courses. The certificates are issued by the Institute in Japan, where you will be registered and your name will placed on the official Jikiden Reiki website… with your permission.

 After paying your deposit please contact me telling me your chosen course, your name as you would like it to appear on your certifivcate and quote the email address you used on payment.

*You have to complete Shoden level in Jikiden Reiki before taking the Okuden level.