The Gokai…the five principles of Reiki created by Mikao Usui spoken here by Mari Okazaki.

What is the Gokai?

Traditionally Reiki practitioners regarded these five principles as their basic philosophy of life… for healthy mind and body.


Japanese English
  • Just For Today
  • Do Not Be Angry
  • Do Not Worry
  • Be Grateful
  • Do Your Duty
  • Be Kind To Others

Today Jikiden Reiki practitioners continue to chant the Gokai morning and evening, in Japanese… the way that was taught by Mikao Ususi Sensei. Why we do this and the wisdom behind these words, are taught at the Shoden Seminar.


What is Byosen?

Byosen is an accumulation of toxins, which disturbs the natural flow of fluid and energy in the body… a blockage that can lead to stagnation in muscles and organs of the body, which could lead to disease when left untreated.

During a Jikiden Reiki treatment,  practitioners prioritise where the body requires Reiki and hands go where they sense Byosen.  Paying attention to how these sensations change over time, we can estimate the number of treatments required and the frequency of sessions that are needed to restore health and harmony… for your achievable wellbeing.

After receiving Reiju, you will be able to feel different sensations in you hands when you lay them on a part of the body that has Byosen.  During the Shoden Seminar, you will learn about sensing Byosen and how to release these toxins with energy from your hands… Reiki.


How can Jikiden Reiki help me?

Reiki has been shown to stimulate and accelerate the body’s natural ability to heal itself.  It balances the flow of Ki (Life-force energy) within the body so that it flows freely.  It is when our life-force energy is blocked that diss-ease or disease occurs in our mind and/or body.

Mikao Usui said  “Reiki is successful in treating all kinds of illness, both psychological and physical.”


Who can benefit from Jikiden Reiki?


Reiki is a simple, yet profound system of holistic healing that is non-denominational, people of all faiths around the world can and do use Reiki.  It is safe, gentle and non-invasive having only positive results.  The techniques of Jikiden Reiki are highly effective at treating many long standing health concerns… as well as acute conditions.


Are there any Contra-indications or bad side effects?

No, None…  Reiki is completely Safe.

Reiki stimulates your body to heal itself, working from the inside out to bring balance and harmony to the whole of you.  It is a truly Holistic Healing Therapy… Safe and effective, for the achievable wellbeing of All.

Mikao Usui said  “No, it doesn’t use any medication or medical equipment and has no side effects.”


What is involved in a Jikiden Reiki session?

A Jikiden Reiki session lasts from 60 to 90 minutes.  You will be asked to remove your shoes and lie on a treatment couch, with pillows and a blanket where required for your comfort.  As you remain fully dressed it is a good idea to wear something comfortable, that’s not too tight around the waist and neck area, so that you can relax…

Hands are placed either on or above different areas of your body during the session… usually starting with the head.  As a Jikiden Reiki practitioner, where I will place my hands depends on the levels of Byosen (toxins) present in your body.  There are no “Set hand positions” or sequences to follow… we are taught to place our hands where the Byosen is highest.

You may experience a variety of sensations as the Reiki flows, the most common of which is a sense of heat.  You may also experience tingling, or cool sensations, or you may not feel anything at the time… there are no right or wrong sensations or feelings to experience… Reiki will flow to where it is needed in just the right amounts, it is working to bring balance and harmony from within for your achievable wellbeing.


How will I feel after a Jikiden Reiki session?

As each person is unique, what is experienced during a Reiki session is hard to put into words… Some feel a deep sense of calm while others feel full of zing!!  Many people say they feel different… often referring to it as an enhanced sense of wellbeing.  Many tell me afterwards they feel… “Lighter”…”Refreshed”…


Can I learn Jikiden Reiki?

Yes, Everyone can learn Jikiden Reiki … if they want to, you do not have to have any special skills.  Reiki is simple to do and Jikiden Reiki is refreshingly simple to learn…

The ability to channel Reiki happens during Reiju.  Reiju is a short ceremony that is performed person to person, in other words directly to you by a Shihan (Teacher) or Shihan-kaku (Assistant Teacher).  Receiving Reiju opens up the abilities of a person and then you can channel/ transmit Reiki… to heal yourself and other people.

“Jikiden” can be translated as “directly passed down”… the original methods and teachings of Mikao Usui that were passed to Chujiro Hayashi and to the Yamaguchi family.

Having studied for several years with Sensei Tadao Yamaguchi, Head of the Jikiden Reiki Institute in Japan, I am now a fully qualified and registered Jikiden Reiki Shihan/Teacher … and happy to teach you this wonderful healing art.

Learning Jikiden Reiki you will discover Reiki in its Original Simplicity… for Achievable WellBeing

If you would like to know more about the system of Reiki; having a treatment session or about learning Jikiden Reiki so that you too can transmit/channel Reiki, please contact me.


What does Sensei mean?

Sensei = Respected Teacher, in Japan.  It is a term bestowed on a teacher, from their students… it is not a title a teacher would refer to themselves by, it is used as a sign of respect.  The family name is used first in Japan, which is common throughout Asia.  So we should say Usui Mikao and Hayashi Chujiro … which then becomes Usui Sensei and Hayashi Sensei, this was how students in Japan would traditionally address their teachers when speaking to them, or mentioning them to someone else.

To help us distinguish between which Yamaguchi Sensei we are talking about, we say Chiyoko Sensei and Tadao Sensei … When you come to the seminars you will understand this better… We Jikiden Reiki practitioners do this with affection and because we respect the great knowledge they have chosen to share with us all… which so many people thought had been lost!