Each therapy session is tailored to your personal therapeutic requirements…

A free 30 minute consultation is included in the price.

This ensures your needs and preferences are met safely and any changes can be taken into consideration, each visit… And should you need to, it gives you time, to undress and dress for your therapy session… without feeling rushed and hurried.


Holistic Therapy Sessions  at  the  Achievable  WellBeing  Studio


Treatment time  60 minutes  £40


Treatment time  60 minutes  £40

Treatment time  90 minutes  £55


Treatment time  60 minutes  £40

Treatment time  90 minutes  £55


Treatment time  90 minutes  £40 

THREE Jikiden Reiki sessions, Paid in Advance   £100


All Holistic Therapy Sessions are by Appointment Only.

There are now  Gift Vouchers  available too…

A Therapy Session makes a Wonderful Gift for a Relative, Friend or Colleague.


Appointment times at the Achievable WellBeing Studio Luxulyan


Sessions are Available

Tuesday & Wednesday & Thursday ~   10am – 7pm

Please contact Debbie-Ann to Book a Therapy Session…

By email on the contact page of this website, or telephone 01726 852 891

Terms & Conditions

Payment –  is by cash or Gift Voucher and strictly net … at time of session.

Cancellations – Please give at least 24 hours notice to cancel or rearrange an appointment… this gives me the chance to offer this time to someone else, and to avoid being charged.

Appointments cancelled more than 24 hours before the appointment will not be charged. Any sessions cancelled less than 24 hours before the booked appointment will be charged in full.

If You Can…

Some Hints and Tips to help you get the most from your chosen session

It is a good idea to wear something comfortable, that’s not too tight around the waist and neck area so that you can relax for Reiki and Reflexology.  Loose comfortable clothes, also makes getting undressed and then dressing after your massage easier. You may wish to leave jewelry at home…

Remember to remove your contact lenses before hand if you would like your faced massage with oil… I wear these too, so I know oil and lenses do not mix. By all means bring your lens case and solutions with you, so you can to take them out just before your massage and remember to bring your glasses to wear afterwards.

Avoid having a heavy meal, alcohol and other stimulants before and immediately after your therapy session.

If you are taking any medication, please bring it with you OR make a list to bring with the name of any medicine, pills, potions or lotions you are taking…

Have a bath or shower before your massage, as it can take several hours for the full benefits of the aromatherapy massage to happen, as the essential oils are absorbed and take effect… And you won’t want to wash away all those lovely aroma’s!

Remember to bring a brush or a comb for your hair.

You will be offered a glass of filtered water after your session… along with some post session advice, should you wish…