Jikiden Reiki

Jikiden Reiki (pronounced Ji-Key-Den Ray-Key) is a profound system of holistic healing, that promotes deep relaxation and natural healing of our body systems. A Japanese hand healing art that is safe, simple and effective. Reiki works on our mind, body and spirit in a positive way, to bring health and happiness from within… for our Achievable WellBeing.

Lying or sitting, you remain fully dressed throughout the treatment… with hands placed gently on your body

The system of Reiki originated in Japan at the turn of the 20th Century. The founder Mikao Usui (1865 – 1926) developed this method of hands on healing in 1922 following his Satori = Retreat on Mount Kurama, in Kyoto, Japan. The original term being:

心身改善臼井靈氣療法 = Shin Shin Kaizen Usui Reiki Ryoho


“Usui Reiki Treatment Method for Improvement of Body and Mind”.

The word Reiki is Japanese  Rei = Spiritual or sacred energy from the Universe  Ki = Life-force energy. Reiki practitioners can concentrate and channel this Universal life energy… Reiki simply flows thorough their hands to the body they are touching.

Jikiden Reiki is Authentic Japanese Reiki as founded by Mikao Usui… passed down to the Yamaguchi family.

In 1938 at the age of 17, Chiyoko Yamaguchi learnt Reiki from Dr. Chujiro Hayashi, one of only 20 Teachers/Shihans created by the founder Mikao Usui, before his death in 1926. She continued to practice Reiki daily and passed on exactly what she had learnt to her own family.  With her son Tadao Yamaguchi she created the Jikiden Reiki Institute, so that the world could learn Reiki in its original Japanese form, with nothing added or left out… Jikiden Reiki provides a clear and yet simple framework for practice.

Jikiden = Directly Taught… in Japanese. 

Having studied for several years with Tadao Yamaguchi, President of the Jikiden Reiki Institute, both here in the UK and in Japan, I am now a fully qualified and registered Jikiden Reiki Shihan = Teacher & Practitioner, ready to share this wonderful healing art with you.


Jikiden Reiki is Effective and helpful for:

  • Accelerating Your Body’s Natural Healing Ability
  • Inducing states of deep relaxation… Releasing stress & tension
  • Stimulating blood & lymphatic circulation… Speeding up toxin removal
  • Supporting your recovery from any illness and/or injury
  • Boosting the immune system… Building Resilience
  • Moving out of Unwanted Habits… Quitting those Addictions

Jikiden Reiki treatments balance the flow of Ki (Life-force energy) within the body so that it flows freely. It is when our life-force energy is blocked that diss-ease or disease occurs in our mind and/or body… Usually when we are stressed and feeling overwhelmed.

Mikao Usui said “Reiki is successful in treating all kinds of illness, both psychological and physical”

The techniques of Jikiden Reiki are highly effective at treating many long standing health concerns… as well as acute conditions.

What is Involved in a Jikiden Reiki Treatment?

A Jikiden Reiki session lasts from 60 to 90 minutes. Firstly we talk about your health and lifestyle and why you would like some Reiki healing. I make a note of your medical history and any medication you are taking… All details are held in the strictest confidence.

You will be asked to remove your shoes and lie on a treatment couch, with pillows and a blanket where required for your comfort.  Sometimes people prefer to be seated… this is possible.  As you remain fully dressed it is a good idea to wear something comfortable, that’s not too tight around the waist and neck area, so that you can relax…

Hands are placed either on or above different areas of your body during the session… Starting with the head and then the feet.  Where I next place my hands, depends on the levels of Byosen (toxins) present in your body. There are no “Set hand positions” or sequences to follow in Jikiden Reiki Treatments… hands are placed where the Byosen is highest. I may also squeeze, rub or pat areas of your body to speed up the release of these toxins; naturally I will talk about this with you first.

You may experience a variety of sensations as the Reiki flows, the most common of which is a sense of heat. You may also experience tingling, or cool sensations, or you may not feel anything at the time… there are no right or wrong sensations or feelings to experience.

A Jikiden Reiki Treatment finishes with a short Kekko… a traditional Japanese Reiki technique; that’s like a light massage, to stimulate the blood and lymphatic systems. It really helps with releasing toxins from the body and completes the restorative work, takes only 5 mins… a really great way to end your session!


There is lots more information about Jikiden Reiki Treatments, the history and Training; yes you can learn this wonderful hand healing art, too, on my sister website Jikiden REIKI Today