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Shoden Level over 2 days

  • Sat 18th   1pm – 6pm
  • Sun 19th  10am – 6pm

Okuden Level 

  • Sat 25th  10am – 6pm

Accredited Jikiden Reiki Training with Debbie-Ann Champion a certified Shihan/Teacher with the Jikiden Reiki institute in Kyoto, Japan.

You can take both levels in the same month if you wish. This is how the founder; Mikao Usui, taught Reiki to people when he travelled around Japan in the 1920’s.

“Jikiden” can be translated as “directly passed down”… “or directly taught

  • Authentic Japanese energy healing to improve Mind and Body, as founded by Mikao Usui
  • Jikiden Reiki, is Reiki with its original Japanese cultural and spiritual core intact, with nothing added or left out…
  •  A Healing Art that everyone can learn, that is safe, refreshingly simple and very down to earth.

This is what I have learnt and now share with you…

Having studied with Sensei Tadao Yamaguchi both in Japan and here in the UK over several years, Debbie-Ann is a fully qualified Jikiden Reiki Shihan – Teacher & practitioner.  She has a good understanding of the ancient Japanese concepts that the Founder, Mikao Usui drew upon when creating the system of Reiki…  Concepts that are clearly explained and remain at the core of Jikiden Reiki practice and teachings today… just as they were, in 1920’s Japan.

Jikiden Reiki Courses are focused on you gaining effective practical skills to use this hand healing art with confidence. 

Giving you life-long Reiki skills you will be able to use from day one, to naturally support your own health and that of others… Skills that can positively transform your life!

  • The Shoden level course is suitable for complete beginners and experienced Reiki practitioners… Everyone Starts Here.
  • Then you can take the Okuden level to deepen your understanding, straight away if you wish…
  • Each Training course is a mixture of theory and “hands on” practice
  • Courses at the Achievable WellBeing Studio are in small groups of 2 to 6 people… Giving everyone plenty of time to ask questions and a chance to try out new skills straight away, with fellow participants.

There is more information about these Courses/Seminars on the Learning Jikiden Reiki page.

Please contact Debbie-Ann, if you’d prefer to chat about how learning Jikiden Reiki can naturally transform your life… for Achievable WellBeing

You can even pay online using your credit/debit card via PayPal

A simple vegetarian lunch will be provided on day 2 of the Shoden Seminar and at the Okuden Seminar held at the Achievable WellBeing Studio.  Please feel free to bring your own packed lunch if you prefer…


2017 Dates for Learning Jikiden Reiki in Cornwall

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COVID-19 February 2021 Update... 


The Achievable WellBeing Studio is Closed for all Holistic Therapy Treatments and Jikiden Reiki Training, for the foreseeable future... 


We know this is sad news, but we want to play our part and not contribute to the spread of the virus, and Keep You and Us Safe... 


Until then please take care... Debbie-Ann 

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